Lost & Found - February 29th to March 30th, 2012

The Reclaimers Collective; Alanna Baird, Kevin Roach, Roger Wood, Susan Valyi, Kevin MacLean and Steven White, and Winnipeg artist, Peter C. Graham. Curated by Kevin MacLean and Kaz Jones.

All of these artists are working with tangible found bits and pieces from the past. In the case of the Reclaimers, it’s largely a past inferred, then reanimated and repurposed to become art object or curio – a collection of bric-a-brac spiffied up, transformed and ‘rebranded’. What’s been lost and then found is the thread of a creative connection to another time and imagined reality, tinged with nostalgia.

Winnipeg artist, Peter Graham’s sensitive and skilfully rendered paintings and prints are homage to a profound personal relationship with his father that, although never lost, is in process never-the-less, of being re-created. Much of this discovery is in the humble, unpretentious nature of his subject matter that, as representation, is infused with the human qualities of steadfastly carrying on, to ready duty.