Ace Art Winter Warmer - December 2nd - 13th

You need something to put over your window this winter to avoid being reminded of the void that mercilessly awaits. We recommend using a piece of extrabeautiful art by a local artist.

ace has some of the best of this city’s artists on our books and so our annual members’ show is a special opportunity for you to see their work and buy it. 100% of the sale goes to them.

Featuring work by: 
Eddie Adyoub, Steve Basham, Teresa Braun, Sarah Crawley, Evin Collis, Derek Dunlop, Barb Flemington, hannah_g, Peter Graham, Takashi Iwasaki, sarah k, Heather Komus, JJ Kegan MacFadden, Andrew Milne, Jen Moyes, Ray Peterson, Josh Ruth, Nicole Schimonek, Doug Smith, Suzie Smith, Darren Stebeleski, Robert Tait.