One of my hobbies is model railroading. In my basement I have 2 small shelf layouts underway. One in HO scale and one in N scale. Right now I'm focusing on the HO layout, creating my own little world where I'm in total control. It doesn't represent any one place in particular, though it draws heavily on family connections and my imperfect memories of growing up in Southern Ontario. If I had to place my little world chronologically, it exists somewhere in the late 1970's, a time that I am nostalgic about. For me that was a time that predated my adulthood, responsibilities and resultant worries. So, this is my attempt to time travel, relieve stress (although admittedly I don't have a lot of it), and to create. Along the way I'm documenting this little world with my iPhone. So far you can see a small sampling of these images in my Photography Gallery. Etchings are currently underway and there will likely be some paintings as well. Yes, I'm doing this  largely to please myself, but hopefully you'll find some enjoyment along the way as well.