My Winnipeg Triptych - Steal This Gallery - Nuit Blanche - September 27th, 2014

My Winnipeg Triptych, Peter Graham, screen print on paper, 5" x 6", edition of 15, 2014.

This is my contribution to Martha Street Studio's Nuit Blanche offering, STEAL THIS GALLERY.  STG is the brainchild of Sean McLachlan and Francesca Carella Arfinengo in which Martha Street's popular Steal This Poster campaign is re-imagined and takes to the streets of Winnipeg on the back of a bicycle. Travelling in conjunction with the Rainbow Trout Bike Jam Gallery Crawl, at each stop during the evening a new selection of 5" x 6" prints will be displayed in the mobile gallery, and you will be encouraged to "steal" some artwork!

Where: 115 Maryland St.  When: 10:00pm - 1:00am


Ride along with Martha Street Studio‘s Steal this Gallery!

Featuring artworks by local Winnipeg printmakers in a mobile miniature gallery, the public is encouraged to experience and take away the artworks on display.
We will be travelling in conjunction with the Rainbow Trout Bike Jam Gallery Crawl.